Led Zeppelin

This three disk essential live Led Zeppelin album is for rock and roll fans everywhere. Comprised of two legendary live Californian performances recorded o­n the 25th and 27th of June 1972; these shows rock.  Jimmy Page has had his way with these previously unreleased live songs, splicing together possibly the finest Zeppelin concert ever heard.  Some of the highlights are a 25 minute version of "Dazed and Confused", a 23-minute medley based around "Whole Lotta Love," and favorites like "Stairway to Heaven" and "Over the Hills and Far Away."  As a listener you feel the electricity of a concert brimming with passionate vocals, deep blues and powerful rock.  Led Zeppelin is so tight that despite lengthy jam sessions they maintain momentum that brings about head nodding and foot tapping that even the most unaffected Zeppelin fan cannot resist.  With medleys that include classics such as "Boogie Chillun" (Hooker and Besman), "Let's Have a Party" (Leibert) and even a surprising excerpt from Bach; Zeppelin definitely keeps the deck loaded.  Seeing as there is nothing that comes close to rocking as hard as Zeppelin, I urge you to run out a get a copy as soon as you can.  You may want to set aside a romantic evening for you and this trilogy.  So sit back, keep your lighter handy, and enjoy the show.

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