Leona Naess

Leona Naess' debut appearance has resulted in a smash album with great hooks and melodies along with her own unmistakable twist. The first listen to this twelve-track album, "I Tried To Rock You But You o­nly Roll" was a series of crashes, waves, and echoes. The opening track (Mexico) sounds upbeat but its lyrics are personal and relationship related. Throughout the entire album you run into the ups and downs of relationships, presented o­n a platter of uplifting sounds. Who does Leona Naess sound like? Through further inspection, the aural hints of Sheryl Crow come to mind and this shines through the most o­n "Mayor of Your Town," this track is so catchy that you just don't want it to end and you will be compelled to press the Play button several times over! I recommend "I Tried To Rock You But You o­nly Roll" to any pop/rock fan. This CD not o­nly got me rolling, but also rocked me!

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