Liam Lynch

Liam Lynch is infamous for his video currently rotating o­n Much Music entitled "United States of Whatever": a quirky anthem about the freedom to do, well… whatever. He sticks with this mantra throughout "Fake Songs", where there are no limitations o­n his creativity. Lynch has a quirky way of changing his vocal style to match that of well known artists (Bowie, Björk, Jane's Addiction, Beatles, Pixies…), which he mimics o­n this album: "I can put down any artistic ego and not try to be cooler or smarter or better than anyone. It's freedom. No rules." Each of the songs o­n this album match up to the wackiness of "Whatever", as Lynch pokes fun at bands in a Weird Al Yankovich kind of way, seen in lyrics like: "I'm not pretty or good to the eye, never left my room till I was 25." and "You can't see me cause I'm wearing black" from "Fake Depeche Mode Song", sung in authentic DM style.  o­ne needs to be able to recognize Lynch's humour from the get-go; he is being anything but serious o­n this recording. His goal is not to put out an album that will sell millions of copies, but rather to make his audience (and probably himself) laugh. Each of his songs are created out of sheer respect for the artists he chose to feature: "I see [the songs] as caricatures, and they are meant as compliments". This CD also comes with a bonus DVD disc featuring brilliant zero budget films and animation segments (created by Lynch with basic animation software), music videos (shot in Lynch's garage) and special behind the scenes tours, including footage of recording sessions with Jack Black and Ringo Star. The DVD really adds to the album because it enables us to get a more personal connection to the artist. Lynch lets his audience get inside his head as he becomes really intimate with the listener/viewer by talking to the camera as if he were face to face with a human being. He gets right down to talking about his relationship with his cat. Bizarre? Yes. Playful and entertaining? Most definitely.

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