Welcome to Lifehouse, a four man band, who've just come out with a new CD.Featuring radio hits, Hanging by a Moment, Somebody Else's Song andBreathing. Their album is full of lush lyrics, swirling melodies and strong choruses.One of my favorites tracks o­n the CD, Breathing creates a beautiful sound with a molasses flow of words, rich and smooth.The strength of this album is it's sound, reminiscent of currently favoured groups tempered with enough originality to make the listener want to hear more.All of these songs meld together in a smooth progression from o­ne to the next, invariably with guitars singing in the background and low clear vocals in the foreground.An all around enjoyable CD, it gives the feel that o­ne is sitting in a busy coffeehouse sipping strong black coffee, watching the people go by, and contemplating life.Listen to this disc and watch the world go by.

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