Linda Eder / Broadway My Way

What a breathtaking voice Linda Eder has. You haven't heard of her? This talented vocalist starred in the hit broadway smash "Jekyll & Hyde," performing for numerous sold out venues. She is no newcomer though. Eder already has six solo albums to her name. Her latest album is entitled "Broadway My Way." The New York resident has compiled a collection of broadway classics and has put a new spin on them. "I'm not someone who focuses on technique," says Eder. "I think it's only about the emotion of the song and the lyric, the way it makes me feel, the way it makes the audience feel. It's all about communicating emotionally, and if I'm concentrating on the emotion, then my performance can be honest." Indeed you will surely feel the powerful emotions in Eder's numerous tracks such as "Anthem (from Chess)," "Some People (from Gypsy)," "Gold (from Camille Claudel) and "Don't Rain On My Parade (from Funny Girl). Other enchanting tracks include "On The Street Where You Live (from My Fair Lady) and "Edelweiss (from The Sound of Music). A truly exeptional talent to discover.

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