Linda Ronstadt

Step  into  your  local  record  store  and  stare  with  awe  at  the new crop of holiday CDs, yes Christmas's impending  arrival  is evidenced here.  Generally record companies begin distributing holiday albums in late September. Many holiday releases are available now, so it's quite baffling to pick the o­ne that will fulfill your particular wants and needs.   Linda  Ronstadt's  new  Christmas  album  is  fabulous and is among the most enjoyable  that  I've  listened to so far this year. Ronstadt's rendition of "The Christmas Song", "I'll Be Home For Christmas" and "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" are beautifully performed and stay true to their classic roots. Joni Mitchell's modern ode to Christmas ("River") sounds extravagant and is a worthy  remake of Mitchell's original. "O Come, O Come,"  "Emmanuel,"  "Xicochi, Xicochi"  and the remaining selections o­n the compact disc have a classical / choral emphasis to them.  Ronstadt's new eclectic Christmas CD will be a delightful gift for any and all of her many fans.

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