Lisa Marie Presley

By now it's old news, but in case you missed it, Lisa Marie Presley has delayed a promo visit to Toronto due to her concerns about SARS.  Styx also announced their concerns about the SARS situation in Toronto by canceling both of their Canadian shows in Montreal and Toronto.  Who will be next? Elvis, who passed away about 25 years ago, may be smiling in his grave. Elvis' daughter, Lisa Marie's debut album "To Whom IT May Concern" hit the Billboard charts at a very respectable number five.    I was trying to find similarities between the two famous Presley's but I couldn't find a common thread. The first single off of the album is "Lights Out." "To Whom IT May Concern" is a very accessible pop album.  There is nothing particularly unique about this CD, however it is Presley's debut CD; o­ne can you o­nly expect her to find her own sound and to build o­n that.  Presley's future forays into music will hopefully find her exploring her own distinctiveness, instead of diving into the sea of mediocrity. 

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