Live At The Astoria London / DVD Edition

While touring in 2001 to support his album Alive In The Ultra World, guitarist Steve Vai decided it would be a mighty fine idea to record video footage to share with his fans. The musician, who has made a name for himself through his movie scores and sold-out concerts, performs live o­n this two-disc set which has Vai rocking it out o­n the guitar at the Astoria London. Filmed over a two day period o­n December 6th and 7th with the assistance of Billy Sheehan o­n bass, Tony Macalpine o­n keyboards, Virgil Donati o­n drums and Dave Weiner o­n guitar, the disc showcases 21 of the artist's most crowd-pleasing tunes. With "Erotic Nightmare", "Bad Horsie" and "Jibboom" Vai makes us all understand exactly why the shows were sold-out. Besides the live tunes, disc two contains a slew of bonus features including behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, rehearsal footage and even an audio commentary. After counting all of the extras, Live clocks in at an astounding 4 hours. When it comes down to it, this two disc behemoth is the penultimate present for those who are ready to rock.

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