Lizzie McGuire /Growing Up Lizzie / Special DVD Edition

Four  more episodes about Lizzie and her adventures in growing up. All the firsts that become milestones in a teenager's life are an amusing second volume to the Lizzie McGuire DVDcollection.

Misadventures in Babysitting
Directed by Mark Rosman
Lizzie finally convinces her parents that she's ready to babysit her brother Matt, but she wasn't ready for his unruly behaviour. Her father also wasn't ready to trust Lizzie's babysitting abilities and goes home to spy o­n her through the window but is caught in the act after being mistaken fora burglar.

Between a Rock and a Bra Place
Directed by Mark Rosman Lizzie and Miranda want to go to the mall to  buy their first bra and Lizzie's mother wants to go with them. Lizzie thinks that if you're old enough to buy a bra, you're old enough to do it without your mother tagging along. But you're never too old for your mother's guidance. Lizzie's brother Matt gets some Kung Fu advice from David Carradine. Who knew he could be funny.

Rated Aargh!
Directed by Peter Montgomery
Lizze, Miranda and Gordo seem to be the o­nly o­nes in school who haven't seen the new R rated movie. Their parents won't take them to see it so they have to sneak in o­n their own. They never make it to the film but manage to create their own drama.

Party Over Here
Directed by Savage Steve Holland
Lizzie and friends are invited to Kate's birthday party but are not allowed to go because the o­nly chaperone that will be there is Kate's 18 year old cousin. Lizzie and friends agree that this is not a party to be missed so they go anyway, but it is not the fun time they were anticipating. Since none of their friends from school were allowed to go either, the party was o­nly Kate's cousin's friends. Lizzie and friends decided they had to make things right for Kate o­n her birthday.

Bonus Features:
"I Can't Wait" music video performed by Hilary Duff

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