Long Beach Dub All Stars

Long Beach Dub Allstars were formed a year ago during the Vans '00 tour, and includes former members of Sublime and close friends of Brad Nowell (the late lead singer of Sublime). They came together to pay tribute to their deceased friend and acknowledge past fans of Sublime. Little did anyone know that they were going to release an album. Well they did and it sold very well, so well that they released a second, Wonders of the World. The disc hits with a smooth mix of reggae, hip-hop, punk rock, and ska; from the hard-hitting sound of the song Lies to the smooth Caribbean beats of Sunny Hours. It includes special appearances from famous (Will.I.AM from Black Eyed Peas) to the not so famous (Paulie Selecta from The Burn Unit). I find this band has a stronger reggae influence and a little less punk than Sublime. This CD never sounds awkward or overplayed. Whether your chilling at home with your buddies, or looking for some relaxing music to listen to, Wonders of the World is the o­ne the get.

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