Lookin’ Good

Joe Gordon was born in Boston, MA. Thisrelatively unknown artist died in his prime (1928-1963) in virtual anonymity. However, gifted jazz musicians such as Charlie "the Bird" Parker, DizzyGillespie, Thelonious Monk, and Shelly Manne held Gordon in high regard and asked him to sit in o­n a few treasured recordings. Recorded in July 1961, this recently re-released CD was Gordon's second recording, each song is mentioned indetail o­n the CD's insert jacket. Gordon painstakingly explained not o­nly what each song was about but also who the songs were dedicated to. Gordon also depicted the inherent musical theory and chord structure behind each selection; something rarely if ever seen these days. Joe and the other fine members of this bandplayedan upbeat tempo jazz, combined with some great improvisations that I really enjoyed.Check out Non-Viennese Waltz Blues and You're The o­nly Girl In The Next World For Me to get a feeling of what this master was all about.

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