Los Strait Jackets

The members of Los Strait Jackets are a bit creepy to look at yet they are the most popular masked group around since they formed back in 1994. Danny Amis and Eddie Angel are the guitarists, Pete Curry is the bass man and Jimmy Lester takes care of the drums and percussion. Their music sounds like old school rock and roll. The kind young people used to dance to back in the 60's. They've got celebrity fans such as filmmaker/ actor Quentin Tarantino, comedian Jeff Foxworthy and even basketball star Dennis Rodman. The album begins with "Black is Black" and follows with "Chica Alborotada" which sounds like a typical jukebox song from days gone by. "Treat Her Right" is an up tempo track. "I Ain't the o­ne" sounds a bit like country music. "California Sun" is a fun song, so is "Bumble Bee." Featured artists include Raul Malo, Mark Lindsay, Big Sandy, Dave Alvin, Allison Moorer and Leigh Nash. This album is not a typical modern day Rock and Roll album but if you like the old school style of this music genre then it may be of interest. 

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