Love Is Hell Part 1 / Ryan Adams

Acclaimed artist Ryan Adams recently released a new album entitled "Love is Hell Part 1." His pop rock stylings have earned him many fans. Some of you may even remember Ryan from his days with the band Whiskeytown. The North Carolina native then released a few solo albums, which set the stage for even more success. His musical influences are varied to say the least as you will notice on his latest "Love Is Hell Part 1." He claims to be influenced by The Smiths, The Rolling Stones and has eperimented with genres such as punk rock, grunge and even taken some liking to old school country music. On his current album there are some enjoyable tracks that fans will certainly like. "This House Is Not For Sale" and the title track "Love Is Hell" are notable songs. Ryan's remake version of "Wonderwall" is also well done. "Avalanche" is also a pleasant listen. Fans will enjoy.

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