Lucinda Williams

This album is very nice for a relaxing afternoon. It is a combination of country, folk and blues music that is genuine and easy to listen to. You will find songs that talk about lovers, broken relationships and heartbreak, as can be found o­n most CD's written by a woman. o­nly this woman has life and musical experience! This is Lucinda Williams' sixth studio album and by the sounds of it, it won't be her last. o­ne could compare her sound to the Cowboy Junkies or a mellow Melissa Etheridge. Her writing is meaningful, thoughtful and full of experience, and her fans, loyal. Lucinda Williams not o­nly sings but also writes and produces all of her songs o­n top of playing acoustic guitar o­n the album. For more information and audit bits from Lucinda Williams's latest album, you can visit This is a nice change from the top 40 we hear o­n the radio, day in and day out. This singer is worth listening to, maybe just to hear her unique sound.

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