Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel is to Latin music what Frank Sinatra is to contemporary American pop. He is a living legend, a mythical figure of Latin pop culture that never fades away and is never out of style. After selling over fifty million albums worldwide in his twenty-year career, receiving seven Grammy Awards (his first at age fourteen), having a star o­n the Hollywood Walk of fame and having sung a duet with Ol' Blue Eyes himself, he is often referred to by the media and the public as "The King" and "The Idol". Impecable productions like '33' (a reference to his age) are what have kept music-goers romance with Luis Miguel alive for more than two decades now and there are no signs it will be slowing down anytime soon, if ever. He recently won two 2002 Billboard awards for Latin Pop Album of the Year and Best Latin Tour. "33" (reference to his age) eleven tracks are a magical journey throuh the music of the man also known as "The Sun" (El Sol). Every track is a reflection of his persona and his life. There are songs of new found love, passion, loss, and betrayal. There is never a dull moment in this production. His silky voice is always uplifting and pungent, never tepid. From the exuberance of "Con Tus Besos" and "Vuelve (uptempo tracks reminscent of smooth jazz and flashdance of the 1980's), to the heart-felt passion in "Que Tristeza" the divo puts 110% of his energy and effort into communicating what he is feeling. The heart and soul of this album lies in tracks such as "Un Te Amo", a song where Miguel's suave voice is accompanied by lush strings to explain the meaning and beauty behind the phrase 'I love you'. These are the types of songs that have made this debonair crooner's name synonymous with the word "Romance". Singers like Luis Miguel are few and far between. He is a diamond in the rough that combines immense fame and popularity with undeniable talent, charm, energy and charisma both o­n-stage and in the studio.  Mariachi singer Vicente Fernandez said it best in an interview in 1998 when he claimed that "every fifty years or so, a singer comes around that sets the standard for the industry and revolutionizes our music. That young man is known today as Luis Miguel." Don't wait another half-century to be delighted by the world's finest Latin artist.

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