Lullaby Baxter For Prime Minister

Who is that self described petite, square shouldered, thirty year old, sporting a Joan Jett / Chrissie Hynde hairdo.It's Angelina Teresa Iapaolo, alias Lullaby Baxter.By now most of you are probably familiar with her incredible debut CD, "Capable Egg".I had the distinct pleasure to sit down and chat with Angelina over some french fries and a grilled cheese sandwich at local "greasy spoon" a couple of days ago.We talked about music, love and life; the following are excerpts from that get together.



Yorg:  Please describe your music.

Angelina: It's music that evokes nostalgia for a time that never existed. Isn't that great? It's perfect. My friend Alexis said that.She's the woman that was o­n stage with me at the Jazz festival.Alexis is a performing artist, she's insane.She opens up for a lot of musicians, she's a maniac, she is great.
Yorg:  What's new in your life and what projects are you working o­n right now?
Angelina:I've been very solitary for more than a month now, my song writing partner (Lutwidge Sedgwick) moved away (he writes the words) we still write together, but I'm living by myself now.We have a great relationship (After ten years together,). I felt that I really wanted to try living o­n my own.
You wouldn't believe the song I'm working o­n right now, it's making me cry……so good.The title is "Somebody Marry Me".(Reciting the words): "Got all them little holy picture cards saw St. Agnes in my neighbour's backyard my favourite part of the gospel to John is when Jesus goes to that wedding and sings that song, I'm good people just wait and see o­ne day everybody will marry me, somebody marry me, somebody marry me, won't o­ne of you god damn people marry me."Everybody should marry everybody.Don't you remember the expression when you were little and they used to say, if you like it so much why don't you marry it?All that kinda stuff is going into the song.
Yorg: I know you graduated in women's studies from Concordia, you washed hair at a hair salon and you were a waitress/bartender as well.What else did you do before you started your musical career?
Angelina: I was a nude dancer and a call girl, for a brief time, I just didn't want to have a job job, and you don't get paid much for job jobs and you're working all the time. I just wanted to have a job where I could just work a couple of times a week. and make all the money I need and just spend the rest of my energy o­n art.At the time the consideration was, "What is such a big deal, it's just sex and what's terrible about that?What's wrong with that and what's shameful about that? If people get paid to clean toilets, how come that's more humanizing than having to sleep with somebody for money, you know what I mean?It just didn't make any sense to me.
Yorg: What are your long term plans?
Angelina: I want to become Prime Minister of Canada o­ne day, I joined the Liberal youth wing many years ago.
Yorg: What do you think of Jean Chretian?
Angelina: I think he's a knuckelhead
I had a lot of fun hanging out with Angelina. Never at a loss for words or ideas, her creative spark exudes effortlessly from her persona.Angelina wants to become a gypsy diplomat / prime minister o­ne day.I wouldn't be surprised if she makes it happen, Angelina is o­ne "Capable Egg."

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