Machine Head

This San Francisco metal band overflowing with aggression has dropped their fourth sonic boom o­n their listening audience. "Supercharger", a blend of the old stuff, enhanced by some modern effects and a totally fresh attitude makes this a must buy for Machine Head fans everywhere. An energetic compilation of fourteen angry, ranting tracks about the world around us, "Supercharger" is definitely charging our thought process. Starting with the surreal "Declaration", this intro track fills your head and confuses your emotions, then climaxes to varied high-pitched guitar tones as "Bulldozer" pounds your ears. After a couple of intense songs, Machine Head adds a new flavor to the mix. In "Crashing Around You", the vocal ability of Robert Flynn opens up to a more melodic mood and carries throughout the album while seamlessly mixing it up with his signature screams. It's hard to be disappointed with a band such as Machine Head. Growing stronger and heavier since their debut release without straying from who they are, longtime Machine Head fans or new listeners into New and Old school metal alike will find something to groove to in "Supercharger".

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