Madcap are a four piece band of crazy rockers straight out of Southern California. These guys vibe off the old school groove of 70s and 80s punk rock, along the lines of The Ramones, the Clash and The Jam. Their upbeat toe tapping songs speak of love and rebellion, including all the good and bad times associated with each. Johnny Madcap's (vocals/guitar) voice has a soothing old school sound, emphasized by recording with a vintage Fairchild compressor. Madcap, along with Ace (guitar) and Lee LeBaigue (bass) unite with fun, upbeat riffs. Jake Margolis Beil (drums) produces head bobbing beats, with just the right amount of flare. The occasional guitar or drum solo emphasizes Madcap's style, adding plenty of spice to the songs. Adding to the mix are Catch 22, who make a guest appearance with the horn section o­n "Searching For Ground", a reggae infused tune. Best songs are: "Lovesick", "Under Suspicion", "It Won't Die", "In My Head" and "Midnight Strikes". These guys definitely know how to rock out and have a good time.

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