Maia Davies

This first solo album by Montreal native Maia Davies showcases the singer/songwriter's many influences, from folk to rock and to jazz.  Maïa's singing displays a lingering tenderness throughout the album's soulful compositions, which take full advantage of her wide vocal maturity and range.  All the songs are written, performed and produced by the 21-year old artist.  Sounding like a combination between Tori Amos and Diana Krall, her lyrics bring a richly-imaged, profound perspective to this generation's poetic quest for love.  Rhythm & blues song "Insignificant Issues" carries the listener away into a story of lost love.  The intense emotions of "Lost Vegas," the modern pop of "Distance" and the folk ballads "Something New" and "New Mornings" will convince you of this artist's extremely promising future.  Visit her website (http://www., have a listen, and you'll be won over. 

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