Marilyn Manson

Once again, Manson breaks all boundaries in his latest album, The "Golden Age of Grotesque." For his fourth album Manson gets louder, harder and just as rebellious as before. Not o­nly does he address several controversial issues that exist in today's society, but he goes o­n to do it in such an in your face manner that I can definitely say this album is not for everyone. Although the music alone – a combination of heavy distortion and ravish techno through the first to last track- is something that I would suggest to a metal virgin, the lyrics are far too heavy and notorious for the majority to handle. At the same time though it seems that Manson has taken the antichrist message down a step or two since his first two albums, making it slightly less offensive in that domain. In general, the message of The Golden Age of Grotesque is that with the enormous amount of media in society and the ever increasing effects of globalization, people are becoming assimilated and Manson uses this album to very passionately say that he and his listeners are not and never will be.

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