Martin Sexton

Although,   Martin  Sexton   hails  from Syracuse,  New  York  the  heart  of  America's  bluesy  south  must have  influenced  his  down  to  earth  songwriting  style.   While  listening  to  his  latest  CD  Wonderbar, I noticed  the  smoothness  and  distinctiveness  of his voice and how it lends itself to the purity of his songs. There's something tender yet raw about this artist's material, the honesty in his songwriting  is  immediately evident. The southern funky flavour of the song Casino Foundation reminded me of a  stroll  down  Austin's 6th Street amid all it's bluesy bars. Martin Sexton, who now calls Boston his home, has  a  gift  for  creating straightforward guitar riffs,  simple vocals and candid lyrics.   She Cries and Sings is a fine  example  of  his diversity and so is the song Things You Do.   Hallelujah may sound familiar since it's already received  radio airplay.   Martin Sexton has created a collection of intimate songs and I look forward to seeing him perform live. Let's hope a show in Montreal will be added to his tour agenda sometime soon.

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