Mathew Good

Even though this album does not fall into the 'feel good' category, it is still a very pleasing CD. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys mellow alternative music. Good is probably o­ne of the o­nly artists who could pull off using church bells during the chorus of his opening song 'Pledge Of Allegiance.' Mathew is clearly trying to send a message out to the public; a message of awareness. His philosophical lyrics are mainly politicalwar in implication, but you can also find your traditional love songs, like "Song For The Girl." He is presently o­ne of the many musical artists who incorporate messages of war into his lyrics, as well as his music videos. The video for  'In A World Called Catastrophe' presents horrific flashes of warfare and destruction. Good successfully integrates his powerful messages with his gratifying music. If you enjoy bands in the vein of Coldplay, you will probably enjoy Mathew Good's latest creation.

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