This Juno-nominated Guelph-sprung band broke out in the college circuit in 1992. King Cobb Steelie is comprised of Kevan Byrne (vocals, guitar), Kevin Lynn (bass) and Michael Armstrong (percussion)."Steelie" has imported some choice Toronto talent to expand their various funk, rock and electronica grooves. Vocalists Michelle McAdorey and Tamara Williamson balance out the upper register, sliding seamlessly through Steelie'sthought-provoking lyrics. Scratching just over your shoulder is DJ Serious (the o­ne and o­nly), in keeping with this disc's hip hop and dub influences. Meanwhile, the album's crispy, plugged-in acoustic prowess is preserved even among the cool and well-placed special sound effects, including Eric Chenaux's bowed guitar and Producer/Engineer Guy Fixsen o­n the moog keyboard. Mayday, the trio's latest release and inaugural alliance with Ryko is daring and brilliant. King Cobb Steelie's fine array of ever-evolving adventures in sound and music will surely satisfy any music lover's search for original and fresh tunes.

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