Many old school rockers have been releasing new music as of late. Meatloaf is no exeption. He has had a string of hits over the years. His first album "Bat Out Of Hell" debuted in 1977 and other albums such as "Dead Ringer," and "Bad Attitude" followed. His latest "Couldn't Have Said It Better" is Meatloaf's first studio album since his 1996 certified platinum release "Welcome To The Neighbourhood." Meatloaf's album includes songs written by the likes of Diane Warren (previously written for Britney Spears and Stacie Orrico) and Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue. The title track is an emotional one. Meatloaf sings his heart out on songs such as "Did I Say That" and "Why Isn't That Enough." "Testify" is a rockin' tune. Most of the songs are about love sung in a highly emtional manner by Meatloaf. Other notable tracks include " Man Of Steel /Intermezzo," and the hidden track entitled "Mercury Blues." Fans will enjoy.

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