Medeski Martin And Wood

Many of you may have become acquainted with the music of John Medeski (keyboards), Billy Martin (drums and percussion) and Chris Wood (bass) at o­ne of their long spiraling, psychedelic, space-jazz jams. The trio has performed a few awesome shows in Montreal with various guest musicians sitting in, such as John Schofield and Marc Ribot. Medeski Martin And Wood are scheduled to perform in Montreal again this summer, yet it is still undetermined who will sit in with the band. Moreover, the trio has been recording together for over a decade. Guest musicians o­n this album include: Eddie Bobe, DJ Mclean, Michael Herbst, Todd Simon, Col. Bruce Hampton, Danny Blume, Brad Roberts and Scotty Hard. Basically the guest musicians added horns, guitars and vocals to the music written and performed by Medeski Martin and Wood. As with most of the band's albums "Uninvisible" delivers exactly what the fans are waiting for-more of the same. The long spacey jams are ever present weaving in and out of fourteen tracks. If you're into Medeski Martin And Wood you'll celebrate the arrival of this new CD, if you're a "newbie" (newcomer) you may venture o­nto something new and cool. As always the musicianship between all the parts is spectacular, enjoy.

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