Mercury Rev

This seemingly ambient music is a truly an extraordinary listening experience performed by an exquisite quartet. Mercury Rev, originating from Buffalo, NY in the late 1980's has grown through five albums. The classical waves and crashes at the beginning of "The Dark Is Rising" seem to place the listener in the passenger seat of Mercury Rev's 10 track sonic journey, without letting go. Later o­n through the album, the intensity builds and the journey sweetens as it nears its end. The four-piece, multi-instrumental group of musicians, was somehow found by the British Jungle/Mint label sometime in the late 1980's or early 90's which created a force propelling Mercury Rev to the market they deserve. Now o­n V2 Records, they are reaching more and more people with their music. This album is definitely something worth adding to your collection if steady flowing "airy" music is what you enjoy, I think youíll immerse yourself with Mercury Rev, and All Is Dream.

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