Michael Brecker

Produced by Pat Metheny who is also featured o­n guitar and has done most of the arranging, this album features Herbie Hancock (piano), Charlie Haden (bass), Jack Dejonnette (drums), and is more about musician's relationships over years of playing together off and o­n than just a compilation of ballads. I met, saw and heard Michael Brecker for the first time 25 years ago at the "jazz workshop" in Boston, in the early days of the "Brecker brothers band" and can certainly attest to the fact that he has gone through many moods, changes and stylistic experimentation with many different musicians o­n many different albums and road tours since back then. (I'm not that old, folks, I was a kid back then studying jazz at the Berklee school of music!!) Musicians will certainly recognize the Michael Brecker modalities and occasional etherial colorations, such as in "Nascente" and "Seven days". Non musicians familliar with Brecker will recognize these characteristics as his "moods". And now for the surprise !!! James Taylor, sounding in great shape and flowing right in there with the gang, is featured singing o­n 2 ballads, the title track ("Nearness of you") as well as "Don't let me be lonely tonight". It is well worth hearing him in this context.

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