Michelle Branch / Hotel Paper

Acclaimed singer/songwriter/musician Michelle Branch charmed listeners with her debut album "Spirit Room" which launched this young lady to stardom. With so many packaged pop acts out there, it is refreshing to see an artist like Michelle who's more about the music and less about the image. Other musicians are also taking notice of this talented young lady. Santana featured her vocals on their smash single "Game Of Love" a short while back. On her current album "Hotel Paper" she does stick with the same formula. Her lyrics are emotional yet mature and her vocals are stunning as usual. The album begins with her current hit "Are You Happy Now?" It's an enjoyable track. "Find Your Back" is melodious. Sheryl Crow teams up with Michelle on "Love Me like That." Michelle's vocals continue to impress on tracks like "Desperately," "Where Are You Now" and "Til I Get Over You." The title track is also notable. Fans are treated to extra features on this enhanced CD such as a Photo Gallery and love performances from Sessions @ AOL. This album is excellent. Go get it.

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