Michelle Branch / Spirit Room

With so many packaged pop acts out there, it is refreshing to see promising new artists like Michelle Branch who are more about the actual music than the image. She plays her own music and even writes her own songs. At the age of seventeen, she comes across as a mature soul on her debut album entitled "Spirit Room." Most of you must have heard her debut single "Everywhere" which launched this talented young lady to stardom. Her current chart topper "All You Wanted" is one of the best tracks on this album. Her new single "Goodbye To You" is an emotional breakup song where Michelle impresses with her vocal skills. She has a beautiful voice. Some upbeat pop rock tunes like "You Set Me Free," If Only She Knew" and "You Get Me" are all melodious tracks. "Here With Me" and "I'd Rather Be In Love" also get the thumbs up. Great music from an artist that will surely be around for a long time.

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