Mike Oldfield

If you are looking for some new music to explore, "Tubular Bells" might be of interest. Of course you realize this is not the first Tubular Bells album released by Oldfield and probably not the last. This instrumental album is modern and has a very futuristic feel to it. Check out the cool soundscape o­n the "Introduction" followed by rockin' guitar riffs o­n "Fast guitars." "Latin" has a plesant musical backdrop, as does "Jazz." "A Minor tune' is gentle in sound and enjoyable for listeners. "Ghost Bells" is eerie. More nteresting musical compositions follow o­n tracks such as "Harmonics," "Peace" and "Ambient Guitars." This album is unique and covers a wide range o­n genres. It manages to convey them in instrumental format and makes for a pleasant listening experience. If you enjoy this CD check out Oldfield's previous Tubular Bells explorations.

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