Mike Seeger

Mike Seeger is a name synonymous with traditional folk Americana music. Don't be surprised if you've heard a few of the 23 tracks included o­n this disc performed by someone else; most of the songs found o­n "True Vine" have been securely rooted in our culture for decades and are entrenched in our history. Raised by parents who had a love for music and were both composers, they passed their talents to Mike at an early age. Seeger does not attempt to modernize the traditional songs o­n "True Vine," rather he prefers to preserve the original integrity of these songs. Ironically Seeger makes newer compositions sound old; I can't say that about any other musician. My faves o­n this CD include: "Johnson Jinkson," "Did You Ever Hear The Devil, Uncle Joe," "Blow the Horn, Blow," "Old Man," "Spoonful" and my favorite track o­n this CD is "Freight Train." I originally heard "Freight Train," o­n a Jerry Garcia / David Grisman album. This album will appeal to anyone into mountain music, traditional folk Americana songs and bluegrass.

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