Minority Report

After Steven Spielberg's epic A.I. box-office bomb, he scores big points with sci-fi legend Philip K. Dick's inspired Minority Report. Based o­n Dick's short story, (as were Blade Runner and Total Recall), Spielberg gets everything in sync for this sci-fi film noir: story, character, drama, and CGI special effects, to create a successful blending of science fiction and crime thriller set in the year 2054. Combined with the precise casting of Hollywood dream team Tom Cruise and Colin Farrell, as well as veteran professional Max von Sydow, and relative up-and-comer Samantha Morton, the film's 2 1/2 hour running time easily rolls by. Plotwise we're in a futuristic Washington, D.C., where the crime of murder has been eliminated by the introduction of genetically altered psychic beings, whose felony precognitions are monitored by the police, who must then decode their visions and arrest the soon-to-be-guilty. Tom Cruise is Detective John Anderton, the anguished chief of Pre-Crime operations, up against Justice Department official Danny Witwer (Colin Farrell of Hart's War), sent to investigate Andertonís department. When Anderton himself gets framed for a pre-crime, he goes o­n the lam from his own police team, and this is where the high-concept action sequences and stunning visual effects reminiscent of the best of celluloid sci-fi come home. Spielberg's winning crew includes cinematographer Janusz Kaminski (Saving Private Ryan), production designer Alex McDowell (Fight Club), visual effects supervisor Scott Farrar (A.I. :Artificial Intelligence), screenwriter Scott Frank (Out of Sight), and Oscar-winning composer John Williams (Schindler's List). File Minority Report under Future Spielberg Classic.

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