Iceland's Minus aren't typical, if the bizarre cover photo of the giant eyeball is any indication. What makes this band so completely different? Their mentality. Minus are heavily into the gore scene; they see beauty in what is otherwise considered disgusting. This concept is felt in their music, in fact their original purpose as musicians was to create "disgusting music." While the songs o­n this album really can't be called disgusting, there is something strange and avant-garde about them. The band's experimental rock sound shines o­n this abstract album. Minus' focus o­n incorporating a variety of styles and sounds in their music such as irregular starts and stops and ambiguous high pitched mechanical squeals are somewhat alluring. Krummi's (vocals) singing ranges from strong to light and fluttery, delivered in what sounds like a southern American drawl. Frosti (guitar) and Bjami (guitar) produce some great rock riffs, complete with breakdowns and random impulsive bursts of sound. Bjossi (drums) mixes things up nicely,  but it is Johnny's intense bass lines which stand out most o­n this recording. Great tracks are: "Who's Hobo," "The Long Face," "My Name Is Cocaine," "Romantic Exorcism" and "Insomniac". The album closes with "Last Leaf Upon The Tree;" a  spacey instrumental song that somewhat represents what Minus stands for. This awesome album is for anyone  interested in innovative music.

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