Missy Elliott / Under Construction

Hip Hop music sensation Missy Elliott has been spinning out chart topping hits with her buddy Timbaland for herself and other artists. Their style is truly innovative and that combined with grounbreaking beats is their formula for success. Her latest album "Under Construction," has the talented vocalist sporting a new look and offers up some cool tracks. The Intro has Missy reflecting on life and explains how she is a work in progress. This leads to "Go To The Floor," an upbeat track with a techno backdrop. "Bring Da Pain" has an old school hip hop vibe going on and features Method Man. "Gossip Folks" is less impressive. Funky musical backdrop, courtesy Timbaland but Missy's vocals sound raspy and just come across as annoying. The debut single off the album is "Work It." It's got a catchy beat and has already become a club anthem. The lyrics however are a bit over the top but then again, not much shocks people anymore these days. Jay-Z drops some verses on "Back In The Day," reminiscing about the good ol' days when hip hop was true to it's roots. Other collaborators include Beyonce Knowles, newcomer Mrs. Jade and a notable performance by T-Boz and Chili from TLC.

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