Montel Jordan

Montel Jordan is back! Most of you will remember this multi-platinum artist by his 1995 mega hit "This Is How We Do It". Five albums later, Jordan has taken things into his own hands with the release of "Life After Def," o­n his own label: The Enterprise. This time around, Jordan is doing things a little different. He's adapted a groovin' R&B style, reminiscent of David Gray. What's nice about this record is that Jordan has decided to open up more, allowing for more honest songs. His first single "Supa Star" is a song about how women should be treated, "Bottom Line" is a song about desire, and "Crushin'" says it all. This is a very sensual album, quite a turn around from Jordan's earlier days, but a promising change none the less. Other hot tracks include "The Big Man's Back", "Aight", "Questions", "Yes" and the bonus track "We Ride o­n Dem Thangs."

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