It is 8:30, Sunday night, I'm sitting in Double Donuts next to the Spectrum nursing a hot chocolate and attempting to recognize Nadine by her own description of herself, (I've never met her before). Of course this is not an unusual occurrence for an impromptu orcasound first time encounter. She is a francophone journalist applying for a position with "the pod." I'm uncharacteristically o­n time, but where is Nadine? This run down donut joint used to be a Dunkin Donuts franchise in its heyday. Now, the orangey paint is peeling and the décor is crying out for a facelift. Hundreds of people stroll past the full-size front windows I'm facing; still no sign of Nadine. Finally my cell phone rings, it's her and she's sitting right behind me; we meet and then I rush into the show. The opening act "Rosey" was cancelled for unbeknownst reasons. Morcheeba always seems to sell out their concerts in Montreal (sold out in 1997 and 1998) and o­nce again Morcheeba had sold out their Montreal gig weeks in advance. Since the band's previous visit they have recorded two new CDs (Fragments of Freedom (2000) and Charango (2002)), neither of these newer additions have created the same stir as the band's earlier works. Never the less, the masses were herded into the Spectrum, all 1300 of them, the venue filled up slower than usual with a new ticket scanning device in tow. The lights finally dimmed at 9:30 and all eyes were poised o­n Rod Godfrey as his hollow-body Gibson guitar introduced the first song of the night… A warm energy along with gusts of cannabis sifted through the air as The Sea rippled through the crowd. The 90 minute show integrated 19 songs, yet o­nly included 7 songs from the band's critically acclaimed first two releases (Who Can You Trust (1996) and Big Calm (1998), all of the songs took o­n a new life as they were re-worked. Founding members Skye Edwards (vocals) and brothers Rod (guitars) and Paul Godfrey (beat head, turntable master and lyricist) were joined by Dan Goldman (keyboards), Scott Mann (Bass and backing vocals) and Martin Connors (drums). The magnificent sound and light show entranced the smiling sardined fans, hands waving in the air; the audience often helped the band sing their songs. Skye encouraged the crowd, "are you going to sing with me?" …"Tom Jones has nothing o­n you Canadians." The show ended with more audience participation as 20 or more fans were coaxed o­nto the stage to sing and dance to Morcheeba's "2000" hit, Rome Wasn't Built In A Day? The question many Morcheeba fans are asking is whether this hippie – techno – trip – hop band will carry o­n. It is no secret that Morcheeba does not enjoy touring. I'm hoping for an electrifying new album (although none is in the works) and another tour to follow.

The Set List
The Sea
Tape Loop
Part Of The Process
Sao Paulo
Love Sweet Love
Be Yourself
Slow Down
Trigger Hippie
Moog Island
Way Beyond
Get Along
Public Displays
Undress Me Now
Over And Over
Jam – Rome Wasn't Built In A day

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