Morcheeba / Parts Of The Process

The London based trio Morcheeba has certainly earned their reputation for offering quality music. Skye Edwards smokey vocals are simply mesmerizing and she is backed up with instrumentals by Paul and Ross Godfrey. The musically diverse Morcheeba released their acclaimed debut album in 1996, entitled " Who Can You Trust?" Their 1998 sophomore album "Big Calm" was also well received by their fans. Here they are with their latest entitled "Parts Of The Process." The first track "The Sea" is enchanting. Skye's vocals blend well with the backup instrumentation. "Otherwise" sets off a Hip Hop vibe that sounds really cool. "Be Yourself" is a fun and upbeat track followed by the eerie sounding title track. Big Daddy Kane drops some rhymes on the funky "What's Your Name." Kurt Wagner makes a special appearance on "What New York Couples Fight About." Another good track is the gentle sound of "Way Beyond." As a bonus you receive a limited edition DVD which features three tracks recorded live at Braxton Academy in November 2002. Worth checking out.

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