Moya Brennan

Surprise, surprise – Brennan is Enya's sister which explains the similarity in their distinctive music.  I think 'lush' best describes the production technique as the album is full of layered vocals, soft strings, and floating harps.  It seems to flow over o­ne's body, calming and smoothing the troubles of the mind.  This is a Celtic album at its core with definite New Age tendencies.  This CD is not very edgy perhaps but rather good for soothing those rough edges.

To Moya, the harp symbolized the peace and harmony we all long for in the world around us, exploring the eternal search for love and happiness. Moya describes the opening track "Show Me," as the beginning of the journey, "where she meets the stranger who shows her the way to the harp."  "River" is picturesquely beautiful and affectively synthesizes the aural sense to the visual.  "Whisper to the Wild Water" harkens back to a stronger Celtic sound, which is not as present in "Two Horizons" as it was o­n "Maire"(now Moya) Brennan's first CD.  "Tara" stands out because of the pipes and "Bi Liom" is perhaps the cleanest track when compared to the overwhelmingly rich sounds modified through different tracks.  Two Horizons is interesting  but not necessarily memorable. 

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