If you are looking for some cool new r&b music to add to your cd collection, why not check out this new album from Musiq. It includes a generous serving of eighteen soulful tracks about relationships and all the emotions that go with them. "Newness" is totally groovy and Musiq's voice is pleasant to listen to. "Caught Up" is funky and features Aaries. "Stop Playin'" stands out for it's up front lyrics and it's smooth sound. Musiq expresses love in a beautiful way o­n the track "Religious." Life and personal introspection is observed in the intelligent lyrics of "Time" which has a soft melodic backdrop. Musiq offers some encouraging words about following your dreams o­n the track "Future." The talented singer takes o­ne of George Harrison's songs entitled "Something" and puts some sweet soul into it. First the Notorious B.I.G. used it, then Ashanti o­n her #1 hit "Foolish" and now Musiq takes that catchy background sound and remixes his previous hit "Girl Next Door." This is a bonus track and is a nice way to end a very pleasant listening experience. Get this album.

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