It's been ages since Mxpx put out an album. They're finally back with "Before Everything & After." True to their style, Mxpx churn out addictive pop punk tunes with a sort of surf style. o­n this record, Mike Herrera (lead vocals/bass) tries his hand at an assortment of other instruments: acoustic guitar, lap steel guitar, piano and synthesizers. Tom Wisniewski (vocals/guitars) tackles acoustic guitars as well as his usual rhythm and lead guitars, while Yuri Ruley continues to pound the drums. Mxpx are still singing about life in general, but don't look for some deep meanings o­n this album: their lyrics create images of earthiness not found previously in their songs. With lines like: "We don't need fortune and we don't need fame / We don't need bright lights to spell our name / All we ever wanted was to play" old fans will wonder what happened to Mxpx's creativity. o­n the other hand, the album is a nice blend of musical styles: from poppy upbeat songs like "First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life" to slow o­nes like "Quit Your Life" (complete with acoustic guitars and piano). Most of you will recognize "Well Adjusted," which is featured in a Pepsi commercial. While this album is not Mxpx's greatest accomplishment, it's still a pleasant listen.

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