My First Mister

Family In Lieberman In Love, Christine Lahti's Oscar-winning short, the first-time director explored the nuances of emotion and the unspoken rules of romance. She continues her exploration in her feature film directorial debut, My First Mister. Jennifer, a.k.a. J (Leelee Sobieski) is a teenage loner who's into Goth, writing her own eulogy, body piercings, and cutting herself to produce "good" pain–a self-reminder that she is indeed connected to the rest of the world. She drifts with both sadness and anger through her life until she meets the anal, 49-year-old manager of a men's clothing store, Randall (Albert Brooks), who takes a shine to her and hires her o­n as a stockperson. The friendship that blooms between these two lost souls allows them each to inch closer to the people that they long to be by providing them, at last, with the courage to live. Like life itself, My First Mister is sentimental, funny and melodramatic all at o­nce' and serves as a reminder that o­ne is never too young–or too old–for angst, passion, friendship and redemption.

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