Brazilian duo Gilberto and Milton have put together an album with unique sounds and eclectic rhythms. Gilberto is multi talented, able to play the trumpet, the accordion, guitar and drums. Their talents show o­n this album with songs like "Sebastian", "Bom Dia" and "Trovoda." They get some help from Sandy and Junior o­n "Duas Sanfonas" a track where all their voices blend well together. George Harrison's "Something" is the o­nly english language track o­n this album. It's a mellow song with a reggae feel to it. "Maria" turns the tone down a notch but the pace quickly picks up in the following track entitled "Los Hospitalar." Classical music serves as background for Dorival Cayammi's song "Dora." Other noteworthy tracks include "Dinamarca" and the up-beat effort of "Baiao Da Garoa." If you like latin music or are just open to international music, then this Brazilian album is worth a listen.

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