Natalie Merchant

Well-known singer/songwriter Natalie Merchant enchants us with the follow up her live concert album released in 1999. She has dedicated "Motherland" to the victims who lost their lives during the September 11th attacks in the U.S. at the World trade Center, The Pentagon, and Pennsylvania. Her distinct voice and music style is a matter of taste. Some of you may like it, others less so. o­ne thing is for sure, Natalie's lyrics have deep meaning and offer up some life lessons. The songs o­n "Motherland" stick to a consistent tone of sound o­n tracks like "Build A Levee," and "Put the Law o­n You." Natalie offers up some advice in the matters of the heart o­n the track "The Worst Thing." She even surprises listeners with a few sentences sung in Spanish. "Tell Yourself" speaks of a teenager who is feeling like she just doesn't measure up to the "anorexic beauties in the magazines." Her previous album was somewhat better in regards to more radio friendly tunes but this album definitely offers some food for thought. 

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