This Canadian rock band is sitting o­n top of the world. With their tremendously successful track "How You Remind Me" the group has dominated the charts across North America, won three Juno Awards and has reached platinum status with their album "Silver Side Up." You may not know that this was not Nickelback's first album. Their previous release, "The State" cannot boast the same commercial success but fans may like to check it out because it is rockin'. The album gets off to a fiery start with "Breathe" Chad's strong and raspy vocals truly stand out. "Leader Of Men" starts off soft then quickly picks up the pace with vibrant guitar riffs. "Diggin This" also stands out for it's in your face lyrics, written by Chad Kroeger. In fact he wrote all the songs o­n this album. "Hold Out Your Hand" has an awesome guitar hook. The band ends off the album with an acoustic version of "Leader Of Men." Great album to add to your CD collection and check out my exclusive interview with Nickelback member Ryan Peake in our "Plus" section. 

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