Who would have ever imagined how valuable a nickel could really be?  From working at a Starbucks coffee shop and giving a nickel back to customers for 1,45$ cup of coffee, Chad Kroeger, his brother Mike, Ryan Peake and Ryan Vikedal have taken the rock music scene by storm with their band Nickelback.  These four West Coast rockers hit number o­ne o­n the charts with their smash hit "How you Remind Me," the debut single off their multi platinum album "Silver Side Up."  These Vancouver residents made a stop in Montreal last week where they performed to a sold out crowd at the Metropolis. Ryan Peake sat down with us for an exclusive interview and talked to us about their music, life o­n the road and plans for their follow up to Silver Side Up.

Tell us about your most memorable experiences o­n the road?
Last weekend after our Edmonton concert, we were drunk and I got Default's tour manager to throw his cell phone out the window for 50$. He had all his information o­n the phone and someone called at 5:30 am. As he was discussing business, I told him to throw his cell phone out the window while the person was still o­n the line and I would give him 50$ plus pay for his phone. He told the guy to wait a minute and threw it out a six-floor building. It just smashed and I was like, yeah, here's your fifty bucks.The next morning, he was wondering what came over him to do that. I thought it was kinda funny.

What are your thoughts o­n B.C. Bud?
B.C. Bud? He's a good buddy of mine (laughter). Personally, I don't do it but I've got no problem with it. I'm not an advocate of it but I know that there are a lot of baby boomers who are still saying that it's an issue. If I had to vote, I would vote for the legalization of it because I honestly believe that cigarettes are ten time worse and they got the government wrapped around their finger. That's the o­nly reason they are legal. It's a make work program for the police. I have nothing against the police but there are more important things they should be dealing with than busting people who smoke this. I think it's ridiculous.

Quick Facts:

Favorite alcoholic beverage: Scotch and Water.
Favorite Movie: The Big Lebowski by the Coan brothers. We watch it o­nce a week o­n the road.
Favorite vacation spot: Vancouver Island, Australia and I would like to go to Greece someday.
Strange Habit: I blow o­n my fingers because my hands swell. My body temperature is a little higher than most people. I get made fun of for that all the time.
Chad's annoying habit: He worries about what I look like. That's a habit he can drop at any time, as far as I'm concerned. "When are you gonna get your hair cut buddy? Is that what you're gonna wear o­n stage?" He can get rid of that habit really fast. I'd be happy.
Favorite pick up line: Walk up to someone in a bar and say, wanna go halfers o­n a bastard? (We'll let you figure it out.)

Have you started working o­n your next album? If so, what can fans expect?
We have started working o­n the songs for it. We've been writing in sound check. If you've heard Nickelback, you know what we do. I would love to try a few different things this time. Every album has a different style of recording. But we won't alienate our Nickelback fans.
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