Nickelback / Curb

You Nickelback fans must already own a copy of their rockin' albums "The State" and the multi platinum "Silver Side Up." Here is another one to add to your collection. Nope it's not a new album, it's actually their very first one. Their humble beginnings as one might say. "Curb" is the title and it features 12 tracks for your listening enjoyment. "Little Friend" kicks things off to a cool start. Check out the awesome guitar hook throughout. Chad of course had the talent to sing up a storm of emotions even back then. "The title track is a fast paced tune that you will certainly like. "Where?" once again emphasizes Chad's powerful and versatile voice. "Falls Back On" and "Sea Groove" are a bit weak. The last two tracks "Window Shopper" and "I Don't Have" are a pleasant listen. The album is a decent effort for a first recording. Go get it.

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