Norah Jones / Feels Like Home

Multi Grammy winning artist Norah Jones took the music scene by storm with her debut album "Come Away With Me." Her simplicity and charming vocals won her thousands of admirers. Norah's voice is pleasant as is her pop-jazzy music style. If you enjoyed her debut album, you'll certainly appreciate her follow up entitled "Feels Like Home." The tracks stick to a similar formula, much like the previous one. Obviously this formula worked for her in the past and it impresses the second time around as well. The album begins with the sweet sounding "Sunrise." It's very catchy and you'll be singing along with Norah in no time. "What Am I To Do?" is also an enjoyable listen. "Be Here To Love Me" has a blues feel to it. "Humble Me" and "Don't Miss You At All" also stand out. A worthwhile purchase.

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