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The artist "formerly known as Prince" is now known as Prince o­nce again. His musical array has varied throughout his career touching o­n genres like pop, funk, folk and rock. His claim to fame was obviously his monstrously popular 1984 album, entitled "Purple Rain." This contemporary artist paved the way for groundbreaking music and got the chance to experiment with different sounds. Prince has since become an independent artist and formed his own label. His most recent album is a whole new wave of music that has Prince exploring jazz rhythms. "Digital Garden" is a blend of freaky beats. "Everywhere" is a colorful track that includes a talented choir, joining Prince o­n the vocals. "Mellow" is a groovy r&b track. "She Loves Me 4 Me" also stands out. It is without a doubt that Prince is a legend but this album just doesn't recreate the magic of his earlier work. While it can be considered unique in sound, it just doesn't manage to recreate the commercial sound of his past work.

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