Oliver Mtukudzi

Those of you who want to expand your musical horizons, why not check out the colorful music of Oliver Mtukudzi. Who is Oliver Mtukudzi you may ask? He is o­ne of South Africa's lengendary musicians who's music is recorded in his native language called "Shona." "Vhunze Moto" translates as Burning Ember which captures the rich culture of this singer's roots. This critically acclaimed artist touches o­n diverse topics in his profound lyrics. They make metaphorical references to issues regarding social and political developments in Zimbabwe. He also uses his gifted talent to bring awareness to the world of the health issues being faced by his people. By bringing it to the forefront, he encourages people to help those in need. All the lyrics of the songs o­n this album have been translated to english inside the cd cover. As well a brief explanation of the songs and the message it carries are included. Notable songs are "Ndakuvara", "Gondo" and "Wongoro". 


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