One Ton

In a small pub/restaurant off St. Catherine Street I met with three very energetic and talented artists who are the up and coming group o­ne Ton. Byron Mikaloff (acoustic, electric guitars and vocals) greeted us with a hearty smile and throughout the interview was charismatic and possessed an energy and spirit that is best described as contagious. Zita (vocals) was focused and poised, and came through with honesty, dignity, and clarity. Jean Cristobal (drums and percussion) sat quietly, taking it all in, though when he did speak he was well thought and clear in what he wanted to say.

The name of the band came about o­ne fine day in 1998 in Byron's 1975 Dodge, Cristobal came up with the name o­ne Ton, and ever since the youthful and dynamic trio have been performing under that name.

You get inspired by everything in life."It's hard when you're not inspired to create because you don't feel like you're good anymore, but the next day you might create something truly great," says Cristobal. All three admitted that as with life you can't just stick to o­ne sound just as you can't live with just o­ne emotion and that not o­nly is variety important to the album but the strength behind it. "It's a human album." adds Cristobal.
This very ambitious band plans to go international and take their sound around the world and hopefully pick up some new sounds along the way, "we're definitely a work in progress", they say, "I hope we can turn people o­n to other sounds, and  music through our experience." adds Byron enthusiastically.

Zita's childhood memories of living for a time in India (near Autryville), has forever changed and inspired her and in turn gave o­ne Ton's music its Indian flavor.

What about family and friends? Zita's boyfriend and family are very excited about her new found success and Cristobal is living a dream because making it as an artist is nearly impossible in his homeland of Chile, Byron too is a long way from his home in northern B.C., and though his family was a little skeptical at first, they are quite proud to see that Byron is finding the way o­n his own path.


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